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     The Osmond Family Organization (OFO) is an ancestral family organization that conducts genealogical and historical research into the ancestors and descendants of George Osmond Jr. (1836-1913) who left England in 1855 and as a Mormon pioneer lived in Idaho and Wyoming.
     The OFO was organized in 1954 by George Virl Osmond (1917-2007) and Olive May Davis (1925-2004)--the parents of the famous Osmond Singers of Utah--and is mentioned in FamilySearch and listed in Wikipedia. Today the OFO conducts research and publicizes historical information about the ancestors and relatives of George Virl Osmond and Olive May Davis, and places such information freely online for its worldwide audience.     

     Currently the genealogical and historical research efforts of the OFO are supported by the children of George and Olive Osmond, who are: George Virl Osmond Jr., Thomas Rulon Osmond, Alan Ralph Osmond, Melvin Wayne Osmond, Merrill Davis Osmond, Jay Wesley Osmond, Donald (Donny) Clark Osmond, Olive Marie Osmond, and James (Jimmy) Arthur Osmond.
     The main purpose of this website is to publicize the genealogies and family histories of the deceased ancestors and relatives of George and Olive Osmond. Also, the OFO provides information on the family history efforts and selected activities of the children and grandchildren of George and Olive Osmond.

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