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Osmonds of Newfoundland, Canada

There are a number of Osmond families who have resided in Newfoundland, Canada, since the 1700's. The known ancestry and gravesite photographs of one of these families is listed and shown below:
     Albert Garfield Osmond (b.1908, Dark Cove; d.1977, Gambo)
     Peter Job Osmond (b.1873, Greenspond; d.1956, Gambo)
     Ezekiel Osmond (b.1846, Greenspond; d.1922, Gambo)
     Joseph Osmond (b.1806, Greenspond; d.1875, Greenspond)
     Richard Osmond (b.abt.1779, research ongoing; d.1834, Cape Island)
Specific genealogical information about these individuals and their family members can be found in the Genealogies section of this website.

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